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Our Story

Enterprise Software and beer. Two things our founding team is super passionate about.

After breaking our heads on complex buggy ugly, legacy software for donkey's years, 3 Beer Aficionados got together with the “enough is enough, let’s build some sh*t that really works and is simple” idea.

Started in 2011 in a bar cum co-working space, Kapture CRM today is a growing family of 200+ folks working with 500+ awesome customers in 12 countries. Like all good things, we took our time to grow, but boy, do our customers love us!

Kapturecrm works

Our Focus

Heavy metal SaaS. Music to the ears, high on energy, fast on execution and result oriented.

Kapture works with customers who are looking for a product that’s 80% out-of-the-box and is then customizable as per their ever evolving needs. We intend to bridge the gap between the instant Noodle DIY CRM platforms and the Michelin star super large enterprise made to order platforms. Register with us and give us anything between a week to a month and our platform will blend in with your sales and service teams.

Our Presence

Kapturecrm sales and service teams 12 Countries
History of kapturecrm 200+ People
Story of Kapturecrm 500+ Companies