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Faster Resolution

Increasing your team’s productivity is now easy with Kapture chat. With automated responses to common queries, reduce and optimize resolution time. Categorize, assign, and resolve several conversations on-the-go. Allow your team to be more productive by identifying your team’s response-speed to assess quality & productive communications.

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Internal Communication

Resolve the customer-queries and work as a team by collaborating and easing the internal communication. Raise and classify chat tickets based on the type of raised ticket, and simply assign them to the appropriate teams with an escalation matrix to avoid delayed response.

Hybrid Tickets

Kapture chat allows you to identify the source (Facebook, Email, Android/iOS, etc.) of pop-up chat window all from just one dashboard within a single thread. Empower your agents with machine learning based recommendations and automate your different workflows.

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Order Management

Automate your responses through smart response generator. Delight your customers even when the agent is not available to chat. Set automated response and you’re good to go. As soon as an enquiry is generated, the system will also show the past order history so the agent can resolve the query faster.

Automated Response

Assign your agents to high-priority tickets by predefining your chat templates. Set predefined templates through Kapture chat’s configuration and customize your chat templates. Predefined templates allow the customers to resolve the queries without being connected to an agent allowing the agents to be available for other priority tickets.

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Machine Learning

Kapture chat’s smart machine learning eliminates the need of an agent for issues that can be solved quickly. The software searches, identifies, and matches the previously raised issues to the current one and automatically suggests a solution when a raised issue is matched.

Plug 'N' Play

Give your consumers a more native experience by integrating with existing apps. Our rich ready to integrate API can help you connect easily.

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Get detailed analytics to assess your chat team’s performances on a single screen based on tickets generated from multiple sources.

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  • AI enabled chat response
  • Multiple chat resolution at same time
  • Website and Mobile app chat integration
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  • Reduction in call volume
  • Preset templates for agents
  • Internal chat collaboration

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