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Always know your customer

Customer profiles

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Understand and appeal to your customer preferences

Collecting and making sense of your customer data is a great business challenge. Kapture customer profiling and segmentation tool lets you collect and segregate all prospect interactions on a single platform. This enables you to understand and profile your customers. Now start appealing to your customers based on their preferred medium with the right message.

A smarter customer management system lets you engage, manage and retain your valuable customer in a better way.

Acquire data-informed customer understanding

Kapture CRM cloud-based customer profile management lets you organize and manage all your prospect interactions on a single unified system. Start managing the customer accounts with all the relevant business information such as contact details, zone etc. When combined this gives you ease of access at managing business data and a greater versatility at diverting customer interactions.

Customer Profile Management Software System

Classify and Label

A better way to manage customer base

Kapture customer profile system creates a better way to classify and segment your clients based on custom parameters such as zone and nature of business. Now you can label and grade your entire customer base. Also, distinguish your most valuable customers based on special VIP tags.

Active and prospective customers

Segregate your efforts using effective pockets

Segregate your customers based on their active and prospective customer statuses. Now you can create separate workflows and email sequences for each particular segment. Now enables you to achieve the best approach for each customer segment.

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Rate plans

Set and forget

Reward your loyal customers and bulk buyers with custom rate plans. Set different rate plans for individual customers and design a differentiated pricing strategy. Easily recall individual rate cards for each customer and quickly generate new orders.

Customer history

Collect insights from customer History

The cloud profiling tool helps you record, store and access all your customer previous interactions with your business. Now you can access any particular customer information such as order history, number of quotations and invoices sent, payments received, received complaints, meeting and email history, etc.

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Automated wishes

Send personalized customer wishes

Start sending relevant warm wishes on the special dates for your customers such as birthday, anniversary and other special occasions. By tailoring each email to appeal to your customers, you can ensure that you needn’t send anymore generic sounding emails starting with ‘belated-wishes.’

Set Meeting patterns

Plan and set new meeting patterns

Plan and arrange meetings with your existing customers based on their previous meetings. Now you can arrange the optimal number of meetings to procure new orders or retain existing accounts.

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Customer zones

Create the right customer Zones

Segment your customers based on their operating locations and lay down identifiable customer zones. This helps you create a direct and straight-forward assessment to manage your customer base.

Tasks and follow-ups

Be on time, all the time

Schedule tasks and customer follow-ups and easily manage them with timely reminders and alerts.

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Multiple contacts

Save multiple contacts within each customer profile with important details like department and designation.

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Quickly add and manage multiple branch offices and sub-offices to a customer’s profile.

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Customer documents

Create and attach order contracts and agreements to the relevant customer profile.

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Data merging

Avoid data duplication by merging duplicate contacts into one single profile.