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Capture Leads, Manage Appoinments and Patient Records in One Medical CRM Platform


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CRM for Healthcare

Manage patients and physicians across all centers on one platform.

  • Source Wise Appointments
  • Center Wise Performance
  • Dept. Wise Performance
  • Patient Status Report
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Take appointment requests from multiple channels

Unify appointment requests coming from various channels into a single inbox. Remove the hassle of chasing multiple channels and tracking each appointment. Get all requests filtered and labelled at one place. Existing patient requests get auto attached to the patient’s account or a new account gets created for new patient’s request.

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Let your customers place appointment requests to you over the phone while the CRM tracks all calls and gathers every detail onto a single inbox.


Integrate emails of individual centers and track the number of appointment requests coming in everyday.


With easy web form integrations, get a collaborated view of all requests coming through multiple forms spread across multiple pages on your site.

Partner sites

Seamless integration with healthcare lead generation sites and other EMR portals reduces your chances of missing on any lead and brings to you all necessary information at one place.

Mobile App

Easily pull all request placed through your very own mobile app into the CRM.

Integration with your existing mobile app

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Kapture's water-tight integration with your hospital's mobile app gets you all the appointments and queries made from the app on the CRM dashboard. Auto sync feature will sync your mobile app appointments to the CRM's calendar. CRM will also push notifications to the app when an appointment is confirmed or when a check-up is due.

Appointment Management - from start to end

Automate tasks related to appointment management from the point a prospect fills up a form on your website to the point of their routine check-up visits. Save your team's time on the robotic follow- up calls and the effort of creating every single patient's file on papers.

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Auto-assign appointments to doctors

The humongous amount of appointment requests should not clutter your inbox leaving you surrounded by chaos. Let the CRM read each request and auto – assign them across centers to available doctors based on set preferences. The CRM also gives you a real-time status report of each assigned appointment.

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Notify doctors and patients on mobile

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Auto-send notifications to doctors and patients for all lined up appointments via emails, sms or app notifications. Send timely reminders and make sure no appointment is missed.

View activities of all centers across multiple locations

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Give your centers access to appointments meant for them only, while you get a macro view of appointments made across multiple centers. Get a well segmented view of all appointments based on their location, nature, query or specialty through a live dashboard. So you can anytime jump into the appointments of a particular doctor/physician of a particular center and see the status of each.

Patient records on cloud

Keep sharing information, cases across centers

Profile and Basic Info

Store every patient’s basic info and contact details at one place. Add family members contacts, birth dates and auto send wishes to your patients.

Appointment History

Within each patient’s account, view all previous appointments requested, cancelled and done.

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Diagnosis Record

Don’t miss out on old or new reports, prescriptions or treatment history. Dig in anytime into past data and update yourself with every case.

Due Check-Ups

Within each patient’s profile is their calendar that lets you see the due check-up dates and other important dates with the patient.

Keep all physician’s info on cloud

Keep sharing information, cases across centers

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Basic Contact Details

Not just patients, keep your CRM updated with your doctor’s basic contact details, emergency number, specialties etc.

Monthly Calendar

A monthly calendar let’s you see the appointments lined up with each doctor for the entire month.

Patient Details

Know how many patients each physician is handling and what is the status with each.

Case History

Keep a track of all patients visiting the doctor and their case history for future reference.

Complaint & Feedback system

Allow your patients to communicate to you easily through any channel of their preference. We’ll bring all interactions to you unified under one single inbox.

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Multi-channel Feedback System

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Auto Send Feedback Link To Patient After Each Appointment

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Each Feedback/Complaint Gets Converted Into Tickets

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All Tickets Get Auto Attached To Relevant Visit/Appointment