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Kapture CRM Software for Hotels Best hospitality crm in delhi crm for hotels in delhi

Gather Guest Bookings & Enquires

Capture bookings & enquiries across all properties & packages collectively into a single inbox. Unify your enquiries from booking engines, web forms, travel partner sites, mails, and calls with a watertight enquiry management system and remove the hassle of chasing multiple channels. Existing guest enquiries get auto attached to the guest account or a new guest account gets created for new enquiries. All powered by a great hotel CRM that gives you simple solutions for complex processes.

Travel Partners (OTA)

Seamless integrate with local travel agents and partners and get a comparative view of business from each partner. Powered by deep integrations available with the online hotel management system.

Website / Booking Engine

With easy web integration, funnel all enquiries from website into a single inbox and understand which enquiry form of your website is most popular, which Google or Facebook campaign is getting you the most enquiries.

Billboards, Print Media & Expos

Calls generated from billboards & print media can be seamlesslyintegrated and pulled into a single consolidated inbox with detailed call recordings and status. Track the end to end results of your offline marketing initiatives with a dead simple hospitality CRM software.

Calls & Emails

Pull calls & emails from your sales ids & toll free numbers directly into your inbox using a mobile first, hospitality management system and see real time status of each. Get seamless integration with your cloud telephony partners.

Social Media

Get your Facebook, twitter and other social media enquiries at one place to get a macro view of your social media initiatives.

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Create enquiries, bookings, guest accounts when on-field with Kapture CRM mobile app

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Faster Enquiry Management

Kapture not only gives you a categorized view of your enquiries, but also qualifies them so that your sales team can chase important deals and spend less time on the junk.

Lead qualification & lead scoring

Chaos is loss, which is why we give you a better view of your enquiries intelligently categorized as per property, rooms, packages, deals or by any pre-defined category through an interactive dashboard of our reservation management system. Tag enquiries with hot/ warm/ cold labels so that your team can take care of important matters first.

Sales Funnel

Know the real time status of all your enquiries whether replied or pending, rate card sent or awaiting revert all through the enquiry dashboard. Create your own stages of sales funnel and watch your leads move down the different stages of closure through the sales funnel.

Assign & auto - assign leads

Let Kapture auto assign enquiries for the Bangalore property to the Bangalore team and the ones for Mumbai property to the Mumbai team. Let the banquet team see deals specific to them and let the rooms team see deals specific to them. Pre-define rules and let the teams know the assigned enquiries to them. With our booking management system, you can also ensure that VIP guest bookings are auto assigned to the best team member.

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Guests 360 on finger tips

Kapture’s contact manager lets you distinguish and profile your guests as individuals, agents or corporate entities and helps identify your high value customers. Have a central database of all your guest information and share guest preferences seamlessly through multiple properties so your guest can have a uniform experience throughout.

Automate Sales Tasks & Spend Less Time on Emails

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Auto-assign enquiries to teams
hospitality crm software in Hyderabad
Instant mobile notifications to teams
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Pre-set mail templates
(proposals, promotions, bookings, invoices)
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Auto send follow ups and reminder mails
best hotel reservation software
Create quick rate cards
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One-click Invoice generation

Don’t let inquiries slip between multiple email threads and followups. Allow your sales team to run behind sales and leave the desk job on Kapture. From promotional mailers to template based auto replies, from proposals to rate cards, from booking confirmations to acknowledgement mails, from reminders to follow ups - automate every interaction and sell more rooms in less time.

Product Master - property wise

One time addition of your property details is all you need to have a central database of hotel inventory which is easily accessible across teams.

Hotel Inventory

Create properties, add rooms and banquets to each property. Save important property information like room types with images, number of rooms available under each type and banquet capacity.

Mobile Access

Access inventory data in the form of a catalog from anywhere on the field. Allow easy showcase of your property to corporates/ travel agents simply through your mobile app. Also, easily add enquiries for specific property / room directly from the inventory catalog.

Property Dashboard

Find out the occupancy rates of each property real time and gather information on star properties / packages. Also view the availability of rooms in real time.

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Seamless integration with all travel partner sites, telephony, chat, accounting and reservation management systems which has API capabilities.

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