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Quote it like a pro

Creating quotations and delivering invoices are critical parts of the modern sales process. Unless your prospects feel assured about getting the best deal, they are likely to drop your sales interactions right there...

Kapture billing system software enables you not to be overwhelmed or confused by the incoming invoices. By storing all the relevant information within the CRM invoice software, you can instantly generate the most comprehensive quotes. Also, send them to all relevant contacts and reach-out to your prospects before the competitors.

Create, organize and share custom Quotes

In a competitive selling space, it's hard to get customers to open and take positive actions based on your invoice. Kapture online billing software helps you create invoices that meet and satisfies your customer expecation. With automating quote creation, you can create and share high number of custom invoices to get more customer responses.

  1. Be flexibile to create custom packages
  2. Include variable rate equation at creating custom quotes
  3. Streamline data collection such as seat availability and rates
  4. Manage specific discount rates
  5. Be more precise and faster at quotes creation

Kapture billing system software makes it easier to manage, assimilate and automate the creation of custom business invoices. All these help you create a more systematic process of customer quoting to achieve sales success.

Automated billing

Create precise and quicker quotes

Create automated invoices and quotes by creating variable pricing strategy for each customer. The in-built rate contracting software applies different rate cards and price charts, generating the appropriate contract price for each customer.

Tax Rates and Discounts

Offer Comprehensive quotes

Instantly create comprehensive quotes based on inbuilt rate cuts and discount limits. Now your agents can calculate and offer the comprehensive quote for the individual orders making them an easy way to manage your inventory. Manage and utilize a complete billing system software.

Automated Billing Software in Bangalore, India
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Email templates

If time is money, then you should be able to automate emails too...

Create automatic email templates to go with your quotations and invoices. Kapture CRM stores tailored and detailed email templates that are suited to each campaign requirement. This makes it an ideal small business invoice software.

Customized branded layouts

Because one size does not fit all

Create customized quotations and sales invoices embedded with your brand elements and letterheads. Now start delivering invoice documents that are professional and visually appealing with kapture invoice software.

Billing And Invoicing System for Small Business in Delhi, India