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Enterprises face big challenges and in order to overcome that you need solutions that can be implemented quickly without affecting your business and customers. Because you have larger customer databases, robust needs, and consumer-facing departments, managing all of them at once is a complex process. This is where Kapture’s solution for the enterprises comes into the picture. Kapture’s enterprise solutions help you focus on your business and scale up your business growth.

CRM for Large Enterprise

Make Your Next Business Move with Kapture

CRM platforms are useful for companies of any size . It forms the building block to any business.
However below are the key areas , CRM can benefit your company

CRM Solution for Large Enterprise

Task Automation

For enterprises it’s quintessential to keep the track of everything so no important lead/customer/info is missing out....

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CRM System for Large Enterprise

Central Data Repository

Deploying a CRM system from the beginning ensures all data is stored and categorized properly right from the start....

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CRM Software for Large Enterprise

API Integration

Kapture’s 500+ ready-to-use API integrations can be integrated with your existing systems saving your time to manually configure and...

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CRM Tools for Large Enterprise


As enterprises have a large data to sort and store, sometimes it become quite a challenge to segregate the data and store it in just one...

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Best CRM for Large Enterprise

Custom Workflow

Streamline your business operations through a custom workflow. Run all the operations through Kapture’s unified dashboard...

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In an enterprise it’s difficult to keep track of everything especially when it comes to your teams, business, projects, etc. Dig out department specific reports and reduce waiting time for email reports, spreadsheets, or phone calls with Kapture’s 500+ report formats.

Kapture CRM Enterprise Solutions

Unified CRM Solution and Capabilities for Enterprises

Customer Support CRM for Large Enterprise

Knowledge Management System

Built for enterprises and large businesses, Kapture’s Knowledge Management System is an excellent platform where your teams/departments can learn about your products/offerings/services in detail. Give your entire team or specific department of specific branch instant updates, announcements, news, or notifications on the move. The agents can refer to FAQ’s guides, discussion forums, interactive flow charts, etc. all from one pool of information – Knowledge Management System. Learn more

Ticket Management for Large Enterprise

Ticket Management System

Kapture’s ticketing management solution helps you streamline operations by giving you all the information you need right on your screen to solve tickets faster and easier. Efficiently manage a large volume of generated tickets and assign them as per the departments and priority. Automatically segregate your tickets and label them as hot, warm, and cold and assign a dedicated time to resolve the tickets as per the labels. Learn more

Chat System for Large Enterprise

Chat System

Increase your teams’ productivity by automating and customizing your chat templates. Kapture’s AI auto-responds to a large volume of chats creating faster respond time. Teams can collaborate internally, raise and classify chat tickets based on priority, and assign them with an escalation matrix. Because it’s Plug ‘N’ Play, it can be easily integrated to your existing systems and help you connect easily. Learn more

Contact Center for Large Enterprise

Contact Center Management

Efficiently manage a large volume of both inbound and outbound calls through Kapture’s Contact Center Management. Easily assign, manage, and monitor the performance of your agent and the entire team by tracking key metrics. Explore the rich features of Kapture’s Contact Center Management like Multilevel IVR, excellent heavy call routing capabilities, SLA measurement, report metrics, agent/team shift management, cloud telephony integration and much more and see everything right on your dashboard. Learn more

Sales Actions for Large Enterprise

Sales CRM

The Sales CRM helps companies receive prospect enquiries through phone calls, Email, website, live chat, related portals, Social Media into a central Dashboard. The Cloud Sales CRM facilitates an easier way to meet your customer commitments helping you turbocharge your sales force. Learn more


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Every business have special requirements with different processes. Kapture’s CRM solution for enterprises are highly customizable and can be integrated to your existing systems so your teams can start using it as soon as you kickstart.
Kapture CRM enterprise solutions can be used by end number of people. We have a standard price-per-user model for teams that increase at a rapid pace.
Sales team’s most useful aspects lie in data enrichment capabilities. Kapture helps in automatically filling in the basic company details, fetched from the database. As large database is quite complex to handle, Kapture provides all the info right on your dashboard with multiple tools like reports, lead management, omni channel support, daily plans, payments & quotations, etc. which makes Kapture an ideal CRM for sales teams.
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