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Streamline and manage campaigns, automate lead attribution and get accurate campaign ROI's.

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End-to-End Marketing Automation and Campaign Management

In order to be successful, your marketing campaigns should be custom-made and tailored to needs of the specific market. Each campaign should focus, reach and engage with your specific target audience. A smart marketing management CRM helps you handle your multiple campaigns and the specific challenges associated with the industry.

Kapture marketing automation software lets you manage and streamline your campaigns to deliver optimal outcomes. You can also align and combine the different marketing campaigns based on the CRM campaign management dashboard.

All-together, the crm marketing helps you maximize the ROI by optimizing the right campaigns and channels.

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Campaign Dashboard

Organize and Run Smarter Marketing Campaigns

Combine and streamline all the different online-offline marketing campaigns with the marketing automation software. The accurate campaign tagging lets you monitor number of enquiries, sales and traffic generated from each campaign activity. Also take real-time decisions based on campaign updates. Now combine and optimize all your campaigns through the central marketing CRM software!

Audience Segmentation

Know and serve your audience better

Collate and manage in-depth customer-prospect data in a cloud database. Later, you can filter and segregate your entire audience-base into specific segments. This helps you draw conclusions based on audience taste and preferences. Achieve better audience understanding with Kapture marketing automation software!

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Custom Content Templates

Develop and execute quick campaigns

Run your campaigns based on relevant content template based on specific audience segments. You can also create custom templates according to different marketing channels such as social, E-mail or search ads. The marketing crm tool lets you flag-off individual marketing campaigns at ease!

Campaign Management

Flexible and Versatile Campaign Management

Plan and execute your multiple marketing campaigns from a single CRM campaign management dashboard. You can run a marketing campaign and continually view the ongoing progress on the campaign dashboard. This helps you easily evaluate and make live iterations on your running campaigns.

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Marketing Management CRM in pune

Prospect Engagement

Connect and engage with your pool of prospects

Convert your acquired leads into customers through a planned prospect engagement strategy. The marketing automation CRM enables you to send-out particular E-mail, SMS messages to specific audience segments. Afterwards, marketing CRM dashboard also avails the individual campaign metrics. Utilize your marketing automation software for the best results.

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Campaign Budgeting

Account and manage your campaign budgeting / payments on a unified marketing CRM systems. Now make sure of your campaign spending are efficient and well-targeted.

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Web Forms

Automate capturing in-depth customer information through integrated web forms. All the information from the custom created web forms are streamlined and stored in the cloud database. Enable a data-centric approach with the marketing CRM platform!

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Email Marketing

Utilize the marketing automation tools to collect and segment your audience E-mail lists. By crafting emails as per particular audience segments, you can improve open rates, click-through rates and number of purchases. All these could be achieved through the comprehensive Kapture Marketing Management CRM.

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Live Chat

Be ready and available with Website integrated live chat. All website customer enquiries are streamlined to a single dashboard. This generates more cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.