End-to-end Real Estate CRM platform

Manage Sales, Bookings , Customer payment cycles through a single platform

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Never miss an opportunity to connect with your potential customers. Manage follow ups. Site visits, project plans, marketing campaigns with a specially developed platform for Real Estate.

Online Channels

View all your online lead sources through website, landing pages and third party website portals and auto-assign them to sales team based on projects, location, budget and other such rules.

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Integrate Call, Chat, Email, Mobile app

Your call center or desk can view leads coming from multiple communications points on one system and view past interaction with the potential customer.

Campaign Management

Capture leads from your various marketing campaigns whether online ads or offline TV, Print, Radio. View, assign and follow up leads based on location, sales agent availability. Send emailers through dashboard and automate your follow ups. Send automated SMS and create your own templates.

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Site Visit Planner

System will plan your daily calendar based on leads assigned to you and inform your clients accordingly about their scheduled site visit. Auto SMS and emails can be sent with real time updates to you on Kapture mobile app. Transport with pick up and drop can be configured if needed.

Channel Management & Brokers

Manage commission structure, leads through brokers and other real estate companies. Get instant notification if a broker or agent arranges a client visit or gets a lead. Monitor quality and also conversions through your partners.