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With Kapture’s reporting tool generate 500+ reports in the format that works for you using the relevant performance metrics. Dig deeper into your customer service operations and gain invaluable insights. Filter information based on the performance of the entire organization or an individual employee. You can even filter the source through which a lead was generated.

CRM for Large Enterprise
CRM for Large Enterprise

Employee Productivity Reports

Keep the track of your agent’s performance through agent productivity reports. View a number of tickets assigned to an agent, the status of the tickets (closed, open, and pending) and the time taken by each agent to close the assigned tickets.

Status-Wise Reports

Generate real-time reports and view the status of each of your tickets. View if a ticket has been assigned to an agent and what is the status of it (pending or closed). With a unified dashboard, access information on-the-go and make quick & well-informed decisions.

CRM for Large Enterprise
CRM for Large Enterprise

Source-Wise Reports

Get a detailed view of all the generated leads source-wise and know which portal needs your most attention. Know how your customers are choosing to interact with you by viewing the overall source-wise report.

Call Graph Reports

Monitor your agents’ productivity through call reports and know how many inbound/outbound calls took place in a day. View individual agent’s report and see how many call were received, not answered, and total duration of each call.

CRM for Large Enterprise