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Kapture Service CRM is a scalable and enterprise-customizable cloud-based CRM Platform for End-to-End Customer Service Management.

Empower your Customers to find the right answers through a self-service portal for lightning-fast issue resolution.

Kapture Service CRM’s AI-powered Inbox and Automation Tools allows for a smarter decision making process through real-time insights.

CRM for Large Enterprise
CRM for Large Enterprise


CRM for Large Enterprise


CRM for Large Enterprise

Live Chat

CRM for Large Enterprise

Social Media Integration

CRM for Large Enterprise

Mobile Ticketing

CRM for Large Enterprise

Customer Feedback

CRM for Large Enterprise

Customer Management is Now Smarter and Easier

When a Customer fires in a query, view and track past interactions including Social Media conversations, order history, past issues resolved, and more. Get a snapshot of Customers’ Basic Details in just a glimpse for highly-personalised service and instant resolutions.

Faster Ticket Resolution

Dealing with the same issue is now the thing of the past. Setup a trigger-based workflow for frequently received queries and resolve issues faster and better.

CRM for Large Enterprise

Easy Information

Let your agents dive into the required information at any time for solving complex queries. Proactively know the important details of your customer while engaging with them.

CRM for Large Enterprise

Bulk Actions

Sort, assign, resolve or delete multiple tickets in a single step. Improve your agents’ productivity with bulk actions and focus on delivering solutions.

Categorize & Prioritize

Organize your tickets using tags and folders to ensure a clutter-free inbox. Set different priorities for each ticket so that your agents can start working on issues that require immediate attention.

CRM for Large Enterprise

Merge Tickets

Merge your multiple tickets in a single thread and improve your agent’s productivity in no time.

Escalation & Alerts

Get instantly notified for unattended issues auto-escalate urgent events to the senior managers with SLAs and escalation matrix.

CRM for Large Enterprise

Customer support management software encompasses all the tools and solutions that allow businesses to handle and improve their relationship with customers. Reducing the burden of customer support agents by automating repetitive tasks is the goal of a customer service software.
A service crm is essentially a CRM integrated helpdesk system that solves the problem of customers having to repeat themselves more than once while seeking service or answers to their questions.
Kapture service crm is a helpdesk ticketing system for managing customers and for businesses to plug in to the various mediums through which customers can get in touch for support service. Its an omnichanel solution with feedback, survey, and reporting functionality for end-to-end service team automation. Start a free trial today with Kapture service crm.