CRM for Service Industry

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Client requests from multiple channels- all at one place

Your enquiries will not be scattered all over the place. No keeping track of mails/calls, chasing Google/Facebook campaign lead entries. With smooth API integrations, all your enquiries will sit right in your CRM inbox waiting for you to start work on them.

CRM For Service Profession


Let your clients place requests to you over the phone while the CRM tracks all calls and gathers every detail onto a single inbox.


Integrate multiple email ids and get all mails together consolidated in one login or distributed to multiple logins in the CRM as per your preference.


With easy web form integrations, get a collaborated view of all requests coming through multiple forms spread across multiple pages on your site.

Just Dial & Others

Seamless integration with healthcare lead generation sites and other EMR portals reduces your chances of missing on any lead and brings to you all necessary information at one place.

Mobile App

Easily pull all request placed through your very own mobile app into the CRM.

Keep record of each client call in the CRM

CRM For Law Firms

Avoid the hard work of taking notes while on call and risk of missing important information in the process. Get every client call details in the CRM with detailed call recordings and call history. Visit each call made back in time anytime anywhere.

Manage contacts and organizations

Create profiles and store all your client’s contacts and information on cloud and access it anywhere anytime from mobile.

Client Profiles

Create organization & individual profiles on a cloud based platform. Manage multiple contacts with basic information under each profile

Sub - Offices

Add sub-offices within the same organization if your client has offices at multiple locations. Avoid creating duplicate contacts.

CRM For Consultant

Client Meetings

Create meetings, conferences, events from the CRM and notify all participants on mobile. With meeting history, go back to previously done meetings to get the minutes of each meeting.

Client Interactions

All interactions pertaining to a client be it queries, tasks, requests or feedback gets auto-saved within their profile so you can keep track of every important detail.

Assign clients to team members

CRM For Insurance Company

Apart from assigning tasks to departments, you can also assign important clients to selected members and ensure that all queries and requests coming from those clients goes directly to the assigned member. Calls & mails coming from that client will get directly allocated to the assigned member.

Ticket Inbox – everything you need

Each request, query or case from any of the multiple channels like mails, calls, chat, website or social media gets converted into a ticket with a unique ticket id in the CRM. Tickets pertaining to an already existing client gets auto attached to the client’s previous tickets and new clients get created for the new tickets.

Colaborated View

Watch all your client mails, calls, chats and other queries coming from multiple channels sitting in one ticket inbox segregated based on the nature of the query.

CRM For Investment Company

Auto-Assign Tasks

Let the CRM read tickets and auto-assign each to the teams based on the set rules. Each team can see the assigned tickets for the day and update the progress of each.

CRM For Add Agencies

Advance Filter

With advance filter, filter tickets based on their status or progress, based on priority or filter the ones assigned to a specific department. Filter and view the way you want.

CRM For Digital Companies

Information Pane

Work on your tickets on the right side while you see the necessary information like client details, past cases, history etc. on the left hand side. No need to toggle between screens while working on cases.

CRM for service industry

Notes & Files

Add notes for team mates on each ticket or attach files for reference. Let every ticket participant know the minute details related to each ticket.

CRM For Counselling Service

Reports & Status

The team heads can always keep a track of the tickets their team is working on or view all the pending tasks for the day through live dashboards.

CRM For Human Resources

Work quickly with preset Email templates

Preset mail templates lets your team work faster by eliminating a lot of robotic job of exchanging emails with clients. What’s even better is you can ensure a consistent style of communication with your clients.

CRM For Research Services

Generate agreements and invoices from the CRM

Besr CRM for Doctors in Mumbai

Preset Branded Templates

Save multiple formats of agreements or invoices based on the service category with your own company’s branding and letter head.

Adding Custom Information

Simply choose basic options from a few drop down menus and the CRM will automatically gather the necessary details and draft new agreement or invoice based on your custom requirements every time.

Auto Delivery

Whether the agreement needs to get a prior approval from the head or has to be directly sent to the client, simply set a rule and let CRM do the rest.

Set custom workflows based on departments, clientele or nature of the case

Create teams/ departments like client servicing, legal, accounts, sales etc. in the CRM and add members to each team.

Let each team view only those requests/ tasks concerning them while the admin gets a team wise activity report.

Set custom workflows, assigning rules and escalation rules for each team/department.

Define task actions and stages of tasks being handled by the departments.

Preset email templates and auto replies for each department or each type of request.

CRM For Transport Services

Alerts & Escalations

CRM For Lawyer

Let the CRM alert the heads with immediate escalation of tasks not adhered to guidelines or not attended in given timeframe. The alert and escalation system ensures that no ticket is left idle for a very long time and no client stays unattended. Multiple levels of escalation with multiple rules can be defined within each department.

Notify teams on mobile

CRM For Service Professionals

Send mobile app push notifications, email notifications and SMS notifications to team mates for each assigned task or all assigned tasks for the day. Be it a change in the plan, any new actions to be taken on any case or any urgent meeting to be handled on priority, update your team mates on immediate basis.

Meetings, Events & Reminders

Keep your teams notified about all important days through mobile notification and reminders while the CRM keeps a calendar maintained for the same.

CRM For Service field


Be it a monthly pattern for regular client meetings or random meetings, create within the CRM and keep your team notified though push app notifications.


Need your entire sales to be available for a given time slot for an important brainstorming event? Just create an event and auto send invites to their mobile phones.


Let the CRM auto send reminders to the team about each meeting and event through regular reminders sent via sms, emails or app notifications.

Manage payments & collections

Integrate your existing accounting systems like quick books and tally and let Kapture keep track of all your payments and due collections

Service Professionals CRM

Complaint & Feedback system

Allow your clients to communicate to you easily through any channel of their preference. We’ll bring all interactions to you unified under one single inbox.

Best CRM For Service

Multi-channel Feedback System

Best Sales CRM For Service Professionals

Each Feedback/Complaint Gets Converted Into Tickets

Best Support CRM For Service Professionals

All Tickets Get Auto Attached To Relevant Meeting/Client

Best Service CRM For Service Professionals

A Dashboard That Gives You a Segregated View of your Client Feedback – Channel Wise, for Each Department or for Each Service